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Wordpress is a content management system (CMS) that is aimed to create blogs. WordPress is created in PHP and My SQL.

Why opt for a Wordpress web design?

Looking for a way to create your website that allow you to manage your own content later without having to pay someone every time you want to add or edit content on your website. Then we recommend and work with Wordpress and that is why we decided to offer an installation service at an affordable price that is specialized for small businesses, entrepreneurs and website administrators. Our professional and expert Wordpress web designer will provide you with the kind of service you expect.

The reasons for its tremendous growth are its features for content management system and its huge community of Wordpress web developers and designers, who are responsible for creating extensions (plugins) and templates (themes) for the community. There is no need to say that we are pioneer in WORDPRESS Web Design. Some of the benefits of using Wordpress Web Design services are:

  • Low price – Since Wordperss is an open source the software cost is zero, which is noted in the price of the design. There are also thousands of free wordpress templates which allow us not to start a website from scratch, saving hours of work and your money.
  • Indexing and positioning: No doubt one of the best advantages is that Google loves Wordpress and its file system contents. Wordpress is highly optimized to give the searchers what they want and it shows the number of visits for most the content pages; therefore this helps us build a SEO friendly website design.
  • Website Content Management: Wordpress is a content management software, so it is clear that you can create content within a short span of time without FTP, create directory on the web and you can edit, delete or add new content as often like with a file system and organizing it by creating categories and tags which is very simple to navigate and easy to use.

Wordpress web design services:

  • Installing a Wordpress Blog
  • Installation of a comprehensive website on Wordpress
  • Create an ecommerce store on Wordpress
  • Customizing a blog
  • Creating a custom header image
  • Accommodation for your blog

In wordpress you can practically do what you want to achieve with a normal web page. You can create a new topic or editing the defaults that comes with the installation of wordpress. The parts of a wordpress template is quite simple and well structured, it has following parts:

  • Header.php: Typically the header.php file contains the main header image or look it gives the website its theme or personality.
  • Sidebar.php: In this part of a web template, you can place additional or complementary information to the website, usually around, as categories, tags, files, calendars and more. Adding widgets to the sidebar are quite simple.
  • Footer.php: Located at the bottom of the blog and contains information about the blog, such as copyright.
  • Styles.ccs: The stylesheet gives visual form and the blog.
  • Single.php: Determines the content of each individual blog. That is, the position of the text, the way that you can view the text, etc. This file is like a template that is applied to each blog entry.

We currently manage dozens of blogs for our company, and have done several installations for customers. We specialize in setting up blogs to web entrepreneurs, and for all companies wishing to generate revenue on the Internet.

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