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JOOMLA Website Development

Web design and development using the most successful platform for managing online content: Joomla! Through Joomla website development web site administrators have the ability to manage all the information, just from a web browser without any technical knowledge.

Web Development company offers a wide variety of services for Joomla, from complete turnkey solutions to specific and individual work of a technical nature. Look at the CMS website design development services for Joomla that we provide:

  • Joomla Installation!
  • Joomla Templates and aesthetic appearance
  • Functionality Expansion and Migration
  • Technical Issues: Security and Joomla sites

Joomla Installation!

This service involves the installation and configuration of Joomla on a server. It is intended for webmasters who want to take advantage of Joomla!

The service includes:

  • Installing the Joomla system server in its latest version
  • Global System Settings
  • Configuring security issues
  • Installing a more complete WYSIWYG editor that comes with Joomla!
  • Installation template chosen by the client previously
  • Installing backup system within the Joomla administrator

Joomla Templates and aesthetic appearance

This service is aimed primarily at people who already have a website with Joomla and want to customize the aesthetic appearance of the site or wish to modify an existing template or design template for Joomla! Joomla template designs have different levels of difficulty and therefore WDC tries to help as much as possible.

1 - Installing Joomla Template (opensource or commercial) on a Joomla!

This service includes:

  • Download the template from its origin (if the cost of template is born by customer)
  • Install template
  • Assignment (publication)

2 - Installation and Basic Template Customization of Joomla!

This service includes:

  • Download the template from its origin
  • Install template
  • Assignment (publication)
  • Placement and basic adaptation logo
  • Edit the text for appropriations

3 - Adaptation as graphic design (model) a template for Joomla! 1.0.x

In this service, we provide graphic design or adapt a template layout to Joomla CMS.

To do this you must send in advance the image of your design (model) to be converted to Joomla template. You can send files. Jpg,. Gif,. Png, and. Pdf. With this image analysis we quote for the job.

The service includes:

  • Cut and optimize images of the template
  • Creating XML file (template information)
  • Creating the CSS (styles of the template)
  • Creating the PHP file (master file template)
  • Installer file generation
  • Installation template
  • Assignment (publication)

The creation of several different styles for different modules, components, contents, or other elements of the template must be notified as it is charged separately.

Functionality Expansion and Migration

These services help to extend the functionality that Joomla website development brings by default. An example of this would be to implement forums, shopping cart, newsletter, dynamic photo gallery, etc.

Add extra features opensource or commercial add-ons:

  • Install and configure components,
  • Install and configure modules
  • Install and configure mambots

Technical Issues: Security and Joomla sites

In the presence of problems related to Joomla, an expert in CMS website design development reviews it’s public and administrative interface, and then assigns budgeted fees for professional intervention.

To do this, you must give a detailed description of the problem to repair and also provide access to data:

  • The web server
  • The administration of MySQL databases,
  • Joomla site management where problems happen.

Then, if you hire our service, we proceed to repair and fix all the problems that are present in Joomla, detailing and documenting everything in a written report describing the problems presented and the arrangements made.

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