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Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is a new vital discipline to the optimization strategies of Web 2.0. Social media stand permits anyone to publish and share content and their incident on the web. It can be done through photos, videos, text or tags.

Today social media optimization defines search engine optimization and positioning of a website or webpage via the use of social media such as:

  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Social networks, etc.

The objective of this approach is to create a optimistic image with your audience. Indeed, the status management on the internet is an important subject that no organization can ignore.

Optimizing for social media contains a set of levers and techniques to get exposure, interaction and suggestion. The base of the SMO is simulation to social bookmarking that is sharing links, files and information in a collaborative mode, for all users. It is a universal technique of communication, since all the people linked to internet can get in and have admittance to this information.

The practice of sharing content and links shall extend to all social media: a link posted on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn leads to a real impact on the visibility as well as on traffic, in positive or negative aspects.

Benefits that you can get social media optimization

  • Reporting from humans is much faster compared to those made by search engine.
  • Search Engine could not differentiate in the quality of an article but human may do that.
  • Keywords plus descriptions that are put together by the user are superior compared to keyword given by owner.
  • Greater the quantity of votes got by an article, greater is its significance that results in better search engine result page.
  • Some social networking sites suggest sites relevant to articles that might be reflected on search engine.

Social media optimization (SMO) offered by us

  • Our teams of experts have developed for Web 2.0 offerings that will accomplish your requirements.
  • Writing optimized web content for websites and blogs
  • Generation of innovative tactics for social media optimization
  • Training on social media optimization

Social media optimization strategy

The objective of social media optimization strategy is not only to expand its visibility on the internet but also to improve its online reputation and generate a optimistic brand image.

Concretely speaking, a social media optimization strategy presents an image of good service or brand in front of the targeted user. Ideally social media optimization strategy allows the generation of a truly autonomous community of fans and this definitely affect positioning in search engine.

Facebook and Twitter leaders in social media optimization

You can precisely know the audience Facebook means

  • Country
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education levels
  • Interests

Advertising programs that are embedded into Facebook permits to know the audience of the Facebook at a specific time and also in the course of the segment. This functionality gives a real value to the Facebook tool, especially for communication agencies and other media to manage a highly targeted advertising campaign on a market segment with good returns.

Similarly links that are posted (tweets) and re-tweets extensively affect the result of search engine pages, but the issue is that you need to post links in an intelligent manner.

Our specialty for social media optimization

  • Diversification: touching different channels, different targets.
  • Increasingly popular: The social networks like Facebook and Twitter are growing steadily hence with them our popularity can also increase.
  • Extend visibility: Being visible at strategic locations and not only in search engine results.

Our Services Include

  • Creation of profile on Facebook
  • Creation of profile on Twitter
  • Creation of profile on LinkedIn
  • Joining Theme Based Groups
  • Promoting profile among other members on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Tracking visitors from Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter using Google Analytics
  • Create Groups and invite other members to join our group
  • Upload website images on social networking sites
  • Adding website's products & services in Facebook Marketplace
  • Join & take part in different discussion boards on Facebook
  • Upload website videos on social networking sites

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