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ASP.net web Development Services in Mumbai

Web Development Company (A Division of EVIA) based in Mumbai, India has developed all sorts of ASP.NET web applications which require complex web programming, such as intranets and extranets. Microsoft recently introduced the new SharePoint Server to which you can add modules that are programmed in ASP.NET development environment. We have also started to create modules for it. Any application that you can imagine for your business requirement, we can schedule it in a web environment, from the management of an access database to a complex ERP system.

Why go for ASP.NET Application development?

  • No need to install the application on computers that you want to use and configure.
  • Any computer can use the application designed in ASP.NET with the help of web browsers like: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
  • When there are updates, there is no need to do anything on your system, you just need to upgrade server.
  • Application’s data is also stored on the server, so backups are much faster and more reliable.
  • The application server as web technology can be within the same company, if your company is using intranet.
  • If your company is using internet then this application can be accessed through mobile or through internet on your computer.

Since the early version of DotNetNuke was released, we as a professional ASP.Net Web Development company opted for this Content Management system (CMS). First tested for functionality, performance, and finally analyzing technology as a platform for the development of projects.

We have installed dozens of websites with DotNetNuke. Our company is specialized in ASP.Net web application programming hence we have developed DotNetNuke modules and third party modules to adapt and achieve the functionality desired by the customer.

The functionality of ASP.NET web development can be summarized in following points:

  • The program code is running primarily on the web server.
  • No ActiveX / COM, .NET or any other component technology is used that requires a special runtime environment on client side.
  • Numerous controls are available as part of the .NET web development framework.
  • ASP.NET includes a built-in state management based on hidden fields of cookies and URL rewriting.
  • ASP.NET supports caching for data as well as for entire websites.
  • Web applications use an XML-based, hierarchical configuration model.
  • Several (but not all) .NET programming languages can be used. The main languages are C # ASP.NET, Visual Basic, J #, and Python.
  • As a web server, primarily; Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is used but Apache and other web servers can also be used.

Our ASP.Net application development services includes: -

  • Programming and designing of your website.
  • Migration of stand alone and web based application to ASP.NET application environment.
  • Reengineering of your existing application to build an enhanced ASP.NET application.
  • Support for your current ASP.NET website.
  • Search Engine Optimization for your ASP.NET website.

Our ASP.NET website development services will definitely provide a solution to simplify your business process by enhancing the control over workflow process. If you want to know more about ASP.NET web development or desire to have an ASP.NET website developed then please contact us and our team of ASP.NET Web developer will work in tandem with you in developing your website.

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