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SEO Consulting

If you are interested in doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or website promotion which is a part of internet marketing but do not know what you want from SEO then SEO consulting is the thing you need. SEO consulting mainly includes guiding you through the complete course of search engine optimization or letting you know all the points that are required before starting any web promotion seo campaign.

Initial Stage - Analysis of your website

  • Analysis of current positioning for your site in major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) using several criteria such as mandatory referral to the type of site, product positioning and market.
  • Internal analysis of your website means any shortcoming in front of search engines.
  • Analysis of the external site links, reviews, forums, blogs, social networks, etc.
  • Analysis of loyalty services
  • Analysis of online marketing system

Second Stage - Search engine optimization campaign positioning

  • Inclusion of website in major search engines and directories.
  • Selection of keywords for achieving the objectives.
  • Increase the number of visitors with quality traffic and increase duration of visits.
  • Visitor loyalty.
  • Increase online visibility and brand recognition.
  • Increase the conversion rate or ROI
  • Link building or link exchange.
  • Measurement and analysis systems to facilitate conversion information to make decisions in the online business.
  • Strategic review criteria: The words for which you will find your target audience.
  • Writing titles and descriptions for your website
  • Monitoring and review of the results: Increased visits, conversion of customer from number of visits.
  • Monthly Maintenance: Actions to ensure continuous improvement, to maintain and improve the results.
  • Landing Pages: Optimization and creation of pages through which your target audience will access the site.
  • SEO copywriting to make the content on the website search engine friendly.

Final assessment

  • Analysis and measurement of improved positioning in SEs, directories and vertical portals for your market segment, with respect to the keywords that are representing your product.
  • Access to site statistics: number of daily visits, average length of visits, and number of pages viewed.
  • Number of registered users.
  • Conversion Ratio.
  • Marketing plan with targets and objectives that are expected to complete by the end of the search engine optimization project

It is necessary that all these factors are taken into consideration and this task can be performed only by professional SEO consulting and we are the one who are best in providing professional SEO consulting.

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